At Hodge Plumbing & Heating LTD we specialise in central heating boilers and are selected partners for Dutch boiler manufacture Atag Heating Technology. Atag only sell to Gas Safe registered installers so you can rest assured that you are getting a reputable and professional installation by Hodge Plumbing & Heating LTD.

Atag produce some of the most efficient boilers in Europe and offer guarantees up to a full 10-years parts and labour. The boilers are built to a very high standard using a virtually all metal construction with brass and stainless steel throughout unlike most manufactures using mainly plastic.

Atags industry leading stainless steel heat exchanger is also backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee for complete peace of mind.

See for more on Atag's state of the art engineering.

Our Gas Safe registered heating engineers are also trained to handle all types of domestic work, including:

  • New Boiler & full central heating installations
  • Central Heating Problems
  • Under floor central heating installations
  • Boiler Breakdowns
  • Boiler Servicing
  • Power flushing
  • General Maintenance
  • Upgrades and repairs to Radiators, Pumps, Programmers & Thermostats
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Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

Legislation requires all rental properties to have a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate. We will check the boiler and any gas appliances to ensure that they comply with regulations and provide the necessary certificate or advice you as to what is required to make the property safe and comply with legislation. This is required annually.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates Bexhill, Sussex
Boiler, central heating surveys Bexhill

Boiler/central heating surveys

If you are buying a property you will want to know how efficient the boiler is and if the system is up to present day standards. Building surveyors are not qualified to advise you on this and will recommend that you arrange a survey of the property by a registered Gas Safe Engineer.

Power Flushing

Powerflushing is becoming more of a requirement if you are replacing your boiler and plan on keeping your existing radiators and pipework.

Most boiler manufactures use low water content heat exchangers and hold only a few litres of water. They require very quick heat dissipation in order to condense and achieve their quoted efficiency rating.

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A central heating system should be free from sludge and debris in order to achieve this. Magnetite (Iron oxide) is attracted to the metals within the central heating system and acts as a barrier between the heated water and the radiator and restricts the transfer of heat.

Black central heating water as commonly seen within a central heating systems, is this Magnetite and unfortunately is the by-product of corrosion within the system.

Hodge Plumbing & Heating Ltd is able to give your central heating system a full thermal imaging survey upon initial consultation which will show any heavily contaminated radiators and associated pipework invisible to the naked eye. With this extra information we can concentrate the power flushing on specific troublesome areas of the system to full effect.

We use the Norstrom Proflush powerflushing unit with Adey Magnaclean magnetic cleaning unit to remove all Magnetite from the system.

Following a successful Powerflush we will be able to show you the results via the screen of our Flir thermal imaging camera. Your boiler will be far more effective at heating your hotwater and radiators which in turn should reduce your energy bill.

After Powerflushing we recommend fitting a central heating filter to catch and prevent further Magnitite build up and that a boiler service/inspection is carried out annually. We will automatically send you a reminder to have this done annually.

Systems should also be dosed with a good quality central heating inhibitor such as Fernox in order to slow the corrosion process and prolong the life and efficiency of the system.

Power Flushing, Hodge Plumbing and Heating Bexhill, East Sussex
Thermal Imaging, Hodge Plumbing and Heating Bexhill, East Sussex

Thermal Imaging

At Hodge Plumbing & Heating Ltd we use Flir thermal imaging cameras to enable us to see what the naked eye cannot.

Our thermal imaging cameras enable as to locate leaks underfloor and within underfloor central heating pipework.

Establish the location of blockages within a heating system.

Show sludge build up within central heating radiators.

Show poor performing insulation and much more.